SDG4Namibia – Assessment of SDG Indicators utilizing Satellite Remote Sensing

Within the SDG4Namiba pilot project an Earth Observation (EO) Data Cube will be set up to evaluate selected SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) for Namibia in very close cooperation with the Namibian Statistics Agency. So far, EO technology has not been optimally employed due to capacity, although EO data is a promising datasource that is able to contribute to the SDG indicators.

The main goals are:

  • Set-up of a data cube (Landsat, Sentinel-2) for Namibia for effective data handling and analysis.
  • Capacity development measures for data cube handling and EO-data processing
  • Implementation of the workflow for two exemplary SDG indicators into the DataCube


Facts and Figures

Covering the whole country, the Namibian Data Cube is constructed with:


  • 15 TB of Sentinel-2 data for 2020
  • covering whole namibia with 119 satellite tiles
  • two years of the DLR product – Global Waterpack

Remote Sensing Department

at the University of Würzburg,
Institute of Geography and Geology

Oswald-Külpe-Weg 86
97074 Würzburg